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About Us

HEARSAUDIO (High Efficiency Audio Recognition System) is a measurement system that provides Watching/Listening rating monitoring, Advertisement monitoring and Royalty monitoring services.

R&D activities started by Formulsoft engineers in 2000. From 2005 to 2012, National Radio Advertisement Reporting services successfully continue with a derivative application, S-PRINT.

Other R&D activities of Formulsoft engineers result in developing several products. The base system grows and turns into a network system including TV Advertisement monitoring in 2010, TV and Radio music rights monitoring in 2012, music monitoring at 40 TV and Rado channels in 2014, advertisement monitorin at 80 local and national TV and Radio channels in 2014.

Today, HEARS become a competitive product in monitoring advertisement, content, cinema, music and news.

HEARS recognition system is completely developed by Turkish company, Formulsoft.

In 2015 planning, HEARS will start to monitör 80 TV and Radio channels in 8 countries. The music database will exceed 1 million songs.