monitoring media, and more...!


HEARSAUDIO is a monitoring system that is based on Digital Recognition Technologies. HEARSAUDIO provides the services; monitoring TV/Radio ratings, monitoring advertisements on TV/Radio and monitoring royalty on musical products.


Watching/Listening rating monitoring

Watching/Listening ratings of TV/Radio channels are measured by an analyse of digital datas received from the audience.  Requested various kinds of reports are easily obtained from monthly, daily, hourly and even minutely measurement data. Another benefit of the HEARSAUDIO is, the impact of your songs, your TV/Radio programs or your advertising campaigns over the target audience can be determined.


Advertisement monitoring

The amount of TV/Radio broadcasting number and duration of yearly, monthly, daily or any period of advertisings and campaigns are monitored. It is possible to choose any number of TV/Radio channels, and to obtain flexible reporting.


Royalty monitoring

Songs that are broadcasted in in the listed TV/Radio channels are monitored and reported periodically. Songs that are broadcasted in public area also are monitored and reported periodically.