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What is the technology of HEARSAUDIO?

HEARS developed an own specific system by using different technologies. It monitors, records and analyses audial and visual broadcasting sources by the method extracting signature from the audio data.

Audio FingerPrint technology

Nowadays, most of the audio measurement systems are using derivatives of Audio FingerPrint technology.HEARSAUDIO technology is also developed based on the Audio FingerPrint technology.

GPU technology

HEARSAUDIO technology includes video recognition technology beside audio recognition technology. TV banner and visual advertisings are recognized by HEARSAUDIO video recognising technology. Video recognizing Technologies require high speed systems so standart workstation computers don’t have enough speed for this technology. HEARSAUDIO is running on GPU systems that perform high speed advantage and parallel processing capability.


Watermark technology

HEARSAUDIO is designed to have capability to use Watermark technology that works with a signal placed to the broadcasting source. A hidden signal that identifies the broadcast, is tracked at central servers and monitored.


High performance DSP processors

The devices that are used in HEARSAUDIO system  have high performance DSP processors. These devices are used to receive data from field (audience and public area)