monitoring media, and more...!

What does HEARSAUDIO measure?

Main principle of HEARSAUDIO is to extract digital signature data from the audio. Digital signature data can’t be converted back to the audio itself, and it is much more smaller in size.

TV/Radio ratings measurement with peoplemeter

The principle of the system is receiving data from audiences and analyse it. Data is received from predefined audiences with advanced technological devices. The system allows instant rating measurement. Local / National / International TV and radio channels are determined and recorded 7/24. Received datas from audience are compared with the recordings at the central servers and ratings are measured. Rating reportings may be instant, or if required daily, weekly, monthly or requested periodically.


Advert monitoring and measurement system on TV / Radio

Monitoring of the advertisements and campaigns that are broadcasted in Local / National / International TV / Radio is done with this system. Monitoring requested advertisement samples are defined to the system and this advertisement broadcasts are reported daily, weekly, monthly or periodically.


Royalty monitoring in public area

This system is developed for monitoring royalty at public area. The system can detect over 1.000.000 songs, if the song is played and how long is it played. At requested public area (cafe, restaurant, public transport etc.), an advanced technologicak device is placed. This device sends instant data to the central servers. The data is compared with the datas in our database. After all, which music and how long is analysed and periodically reported.